Tools for frontline excavation teams, linking project management and quality control

Site Track® is the most user-friendly process management product on the market, designed specifically with frontline teams in mind. All compliance documentation, permits, procedures, emergency response contact etc. are in the field, accessible on an easy to use 12” tablet & rugged case.

SLS is dedicated to reducing the cost, time and overall risk associated with the location, identification and excavation of in- service infrastructure.

By providing fiscally responsible proven technologies, we offer long term return-on-investment in the way of cost savings, raised safety value and lowered environmental impact for facility owners and contractors.

Site Track® for Contractors:

Secure and centralized daily operations platform. All compliance, safety and data packages together accessible by field construction crews, linking field crews and project management.

Site Track® for Utility Owners:

Site Track® and 3M™ RFID markers, the highest standard in the industry for capturing, locating and excavating fenced facilities, high value assets and environmentally sensitive zones.

Gasline Pathmarking

Power and Electrical Pathmarking

Telecommunications Pathmarking

Water and Sewer Pathmarking

Powered by Ked2iD, the 3M© locating and marking system incorporates RFID technology to quickly and accurately identify underground assets. Site Track®, premier facility management software, provides a highly effective user-friendly solution. With pinpoint accuracy, RFID technology allows field crews access real- time information of the target facility including:

  • Exact Location
  • Product Within Facility
  • Exact Depth
  • NPS Diameter

  • Year of Install
  • Maintenance Completed
  • Coating Specifications
  • Welder I.D. Numbers Etc.

The Trifecta

Our solution combines Site-Track, RFID Markers and our Training Program to provide our clients a long-term solution that will last the life of their facilities. Using Site-Track (our 3D mapping database) coupled with bury-capable 3M© RFID markers, we can assist with the management, location, excavation and positive identification of below-ground assets while our training program covers all aspects of Site-Track software and RFID tags as it relates to field crews and project management your facilities. Our training program, developed in partnership with Locate Management, is designed to certify our clients’ personnel as competent technicians allowing them to manage their facilities in any way they see fit. We certify field crews and project management personnel on capturing and accessing data records.


Other Services

HoseTrack™ is designed to predict hose failures in high-pressure concrete lines. Technicians must know type, size, length and end fittings of hoses as well as dates of last tests in the event of a failure. Hoses can tagged and alerts set to remove hoses once the specified service hours of the hose have been reached. Technicians must be able to quickly repair and return equipment to service. Identifying hoses isn’t always easy; however, with HoseTrack™, the process is quick and seamless. By attaching RFID tags to every hose, HoseTrack™ speeds up and simplifies identification.

All data is captured and stored in one place making it instantly accessible via any web- connected device. HoseTrack™ delivers hose assembly information right into the hands of your maintenance people allowing for rapid identification and repair. HoseTrack™ gains intelligence on how hoses are utilized enabling better-informed hose selection resulting in less downtime. In addition, HoseTrack™ keeps accurate and up-to-date records of all hose systems in one place.


MineTrack™, powered by Key2Id, is a full digital system designed to track general operations and maintenance work completed by on-the-ground workers. MineTrack™ was specifically created to give management teams and operations crews a platform to manage their underground portfolio. This includes but is not limited to; compliance packages, maintenance activities, inventory and safety checkpoints.

MineTrack™ is an effective tool that gives management teams general updates as new work is identified and old work is completed.