The RFID Infrastructure & Eco Construction People

Welcome to Safe Locate Solutions Inc. We specialize in cost effective solutions designed for heavy industry and residential construction projects. All of our products and services are designed to lower carbon emissions, environmental impact and move forward costs for industrial and residential processes.


Provides world leading technologies to map, catalogue and locate buried assets. Our RFID division services the pipeline, aviation, nuclear, electrical, water/sewer, mining and fiber-optic industries. We specialize in RFID infrastructure management as it relates to the ground disturbance community. Safety products designed for frontline excavation and project management teams.

SLS Construction:

Offers general contracting services specializing in project management, heavy machinery services and eco-construction. In the residential construction market, we provide world leading technologies for water management, high efficiency home design & lowered energy consumption. Add our technologies to your current or upcoming projects for a guaranteed lowered carbon footprint and lowered move forward cost of your monthly utility bills.

SLS Locating:

Provides contract locating crews across Ontario and Quebec. We provide the highest quality locating teams and turn-over packages in the industry. Every locate technician you hire from SLS is a Canadian Certified Locator®. Expect the highest standard of locating services on your worksite, every time.

SLS Training:

Offers industry leading training programs for all stages of ground disturbance & field locating. We also offer 3M Dynatel™ product training as well as Canadian Certified Locator® assessment services. Our technological and environmental services offer fiscally responsible, long term solutions saving our clients’ money while lowering the carbon footprint of their projects and move forward processes. When hiring SLS you can expect the highest standard of safety and quality control.

“Our mission is to provide our clients long-term solutions resulting in dividend returns in the way of improved safety, cost savings and a lowered carbon footprint lasting the life of their facilities.”
Adam Blanchard,
Founder and President, Safe Locate Solutions Inc.
Safe Locate Solutions was founded on 3 core values
Health and Safety Excellence

Health and Safety Excellence

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Efficiency leading to cost savings for our clients

Efficiency leading to cost savings for our clients